Monday, 29 December 2014


It is rather tragic for Musiliu Obanikoro, a failed gubernatorial aspirant of PDP for his inability to know when he is beaten, fair and square. Somehow he is still locked in a self- created delusion of personal importance. Days after the well publicized reconciliation in Lagos state, a more reasonable man would have kept the peace and moved on.

Not Obanikoro who is still busy running his mouth, abusing our leaders who in all possible circumstances are far superior to him in all cadre of human achievements. Surely, Obanikoro, even in the depravity of his delusion cannot and must not insinuate a political relevance or moral elevation at the  level of a Chief Bode George who was governor of Ondo state 28 years ago when Obanikoro was probably still hustling for odd jobs on Oluwole street.

The recent diatribe of Obanikoro against our leader is a clear manifestation of a very clouded mind who is steeped in confusion and reality denial. The fact of the matter is that Obanikoro was unelectable in 2007 and remains unelectable today. This is the stark and uncomfortable truth that he is escaping from. Obanikoro is simply woven in a loathsome totality which distorts his appreciation of realty. He has been elevated far beyond his capability and competence by the mercurial Obasanjo who  would rather procure a state for an in-law.

But Obanikoro cannot hide from himself. He may shout endlessly and concoct fraudulent stories about his educational qualifications and even his true name, we lagosians are not fooled. Like the Americans will say, we know where the bodies are buried !

Obanikoro can deceive the Abuja people. We can read a fraud miles away. The failed gubernatorial aspirant should know that we intend to pursue the perjury case against him to the logical conclusion. It is about time Nigerian citizens scrutinize exhaustively the background of those who aspire to lead them. We have started the process in Lagos. This why Obanikoro  was flatly  rejected despite the tons of dollars he brought to the election venue.!

Enough of noisy and petty street hands who lie and hustle their way into undeserved perch in power. Our nation will surely be better for it without such screaming misfits.

Ekundayo Joseph
Chairman, Lagos Integrity Watch.

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