Sunday, 16 April 2017

How Jonathan's CSO, Gordon Obuah Died Vomitting Blood, After Night With Mistress

He was believed to have passed into coma ever before he got to the National Hospital.
Family sources gathered that he was with some relations on the day he fell ill and was alleged to have complained of stomach upset which eventually led to stooling and vomiting. He was indeed vomiting blood. From what the family was told, it was this that led to his death.
From available records, the former CSO was diabetic before he passed on. Yet, it was not diabetes that doctors gave as the immediate cause of his death, even though his sugar level was said to have shot up astronomically when the vomiting and stooling continued unabated.
Our sources claimed that rather than take him to the National hospital when he took ill with the vomiting of blood and stooling he was taken, rather curiously to a discreet and unknown Zaki hospital.
This sounded curious to family members because he had a National Hospital card on him anywhere he went. And since he was still conscious, he would have asked to be taken there. It was gathered that he was eventually referred to the National Hospital from the Zaki Hospital after his case had worsened and gone beyond reparation.
Another curious fact was that the lady who allegedly followed him to the hospital was said to have told the hospital authorities that his wife was not in Nigeria and that she was in South Africa with their kids whereas Obuah’s legal wife, Merit was in Abuja all the time. She was never consulted until her husband died. Even though Obuah he had a special relationship with another woman who is believed to have relocated away from Nigeria in the heat of Jonathan’s defeat at the polls. Could Ngozi Olejeme have been the wife they claimed was in South Africa?
According to reports, Olejeme had sneaked into Nigeria moments before Obuah took ill. Indeed, they were alleged to have spent some time together before Olejeme allegedly left Abuja. What our source could not  confirm was whether Olejeme even left the country before he died.
Olejeme, who was alleged to have remarried and changed her name in South Africa was able to sneak into Nigeria because of the change in identity. Could her presence in Nigeria have had anything to do with Obuah’s death?
In the same vein, could the mysterious lady said to be named Princess Benny, who took Obuah to Zaki hospital and eventually National Hospital have been working for or with Olejeme? If she was close to Obuah as Olejeme was, why did they not choose National Hospital where he would have gotten better treatment right from the onset before he went into coma?
All these are questions begging for answers as Obuah’s body remain at the National Hospital in Abuja awaiting internment.
Already, the family members are alleging that he was poisoned. They based their claims on the fact that he was vomiting and stooling before he died and no one, including those who took him to hospital could give him the necessary aid, indicating that they waited for the case to worsen before trying medical attention.

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