Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sade Okoya...Style Runs In Her DNA, and The Nigerian Society Can't Just Get Enough of Her

..As The Heartbeat of Aare Rasaq Okoya Covers The Latest Ovation Magazine
Sade Okoya. The Nigerian society cannot just get enough of her. She keeps stunning the society with her jaw-dropping, elevated sense of style. She didn't disappoint her teeming admirers at the Saraki and Olukoya's wedding. Sade Okoya wore an outfit which is still keeping the social media buzzing with admiration and commendation for her.
And just when the society is yet to recover from her stunning looks at the party, the social media became abuzz with the news that the very stylish and hardworking businesswoman will be on the cover of the latest edition of Ovation magazine.
Sade is no doubt, one of the most formidable businesswowen in Nigeria. Over the years, she has been able to inject a lot of entrepreneurial magic into her husband's manufacturing business empire. She is the Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City. The company manufactures plastic utensils, plastic chairs, luggage, cooling packs, sanitary products and many other household necessaries.


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