Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Update On The Ritualistic Heist: Seun Egbegbe Spent The Night In Detention, Still ‘Relaxing’ Behind Bars

Contrary to his denial of being arrested and detained for stealing some pieces of iphone at the Computer Village, Celeb Police can authoritatively confirm that Seun Egbegbe’s claim that he was ‘relaxing’ at home is totally untrue. He was sighted in an open cell at the Area F, Police station, Ikeja, Lagos, early this afternoon. 

The popular film marketer was still adonning the blood-stained attire he was wearing when he was caught and beaten up by a mob for attempting to make away with eight iPhones yesterday at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.
After the story made the rounds, a purported rejoinder from Seun was circulated online with the accused denying that he was caught stealing, He even claimed in the statement that was released yesterday evening that he was ‘relaxing’ in his house.

The purported statement read, “I want to state here categorically and emphatically that though I was at Computer Village to address some issues, but I was never arrested for stealing 10 I phone 7s, as stated by the writer of the story, the matter has since been resolved by the Nigeria Police; and the issue of me stealing phone is devilish from the said writer…
…Finally, I wish to inform the general public to discard the report. I am presently at home relaxing!”

Celeb Police can confirm that the above statement is very far from the truth as Seun Egbegbe passed the night ‘relaxing’ in the open cell at Area F police command. He was sighted by our agent looking tired, unkempt and completely stressed out. He was also fidgety as he kept pacing the open cell where he was kept.
Sources informed CP that he would be properly charged to court where he would be made to face the music.


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